Leonhard’s Gallery is a high-end, Antwerp-based art gallery featuring the works of renowned artists such as David Yarrow, Marc Lagrange and Vincent Poole. I designed and developed a fully custom built website for the art gallery. I also took care of most of the copywriting. The main functionality includes an extensive and powerful image gallery, where artworks are sorted per artist, and a news section.

Some notable custom solutions I implemented for this project are secure download and screenshot protection via image-streaming — an essential feature for art, especially for photographic works — as well as a system for visitors to subscribe to a mailing list on a per-artist basis, which is linked to the company’s Mailchimp account. This way they can directly target their customer base and get higher engagement rates from their email campaigns.

Another very important feature is the highly customisable artist gallery system, built to present the artworks of each artist in the way that suits them best. The artwork grid system can be set on a per-artist basis. One-size-fits-all approaches, as frequently seen in web design, were avoided as much as possible on this project, matching the spirit of the subject matter.

See this website in action at leonhardsgallery.com